About us

The Budapest based UNIKET Bt. has been present in the market of carpets and vinyl flooring since 1985. With more than 30 years of history we gained excessively wide experience in stair carpeting and other flooring activites.

We produce stair carpets by our own utility patent so we provide a really unique appearance and quality in all our works. The secret of the stair carpets’ long lifetime is to be thanked to the high quality materials and professional installation that is why we are proud that our clients turn to us even after 10-15 years to employ our services again.

Our professional team distinguishes itself not only in stair carpeting, but carpeting of other areas don’t mean difficulty either. Beside laying new carpet floorcoverings we are also experienced in several implementation works preceding the flooring such as demolition of the existing floor covering, fixing and levelling of the subfloor, laying new floor covering. We professionally install every product distributed by us, let those be carpets, comfort underlays, luxury vinyl tiles or wall decorating mosaics.
Beside our clients we serve our partners by distributing wide choice of tools, instruments, underlays and profils required for flooring.

To our activity belong the different kinds of workshop processing – thanks to our modern well-equipped workshop – we also do the tailoring, winding and seaming of carpets. For our partners we also sell 100% PA carpet winding yarns which are available in multiple colours in our shop. Beside yarns other products for the hemming are available, such as plastic and cotton tapes, monophyle lines, threads etc. We serve our countryside partners via our delivery service so they do not have to come to our office in Budapest. 

Our wide range of activities are completed by the distribution of world-famous European manufacturers’ carpets and vinyl floor coverings. We represent Vorwerk, Anker, Ulster, Danfloor Ulster and Montecolino carpet factories. Our collection is characterised by a harmonical color scheme and varied functionality.  There are carpets, vinyl and organic floor coverings for flats, hotels, health centers and common areas in our portfolio, as well. We offer stair rods for carpets coming from the English Stairrods in an excessively wide choice. 

We distribute the luxury vinyl tiles of TFD Floor Tile and offer unique wall mosaics from Mozenzi to create more and more exclusive forming of interior areas. Our carpet –and parquet underlays, tools, profiles and other instruments, required for the installation, are delivered by Estillon, Janser and Gradus companies.

The environment protection and sustainability motivate us that our company distributes several products that are manufactured from multiple recycled and recyclable raw materials. There is a floor covering from Vorwerk, the Re/Cover Green and Parts whose row material, the castor-oil can be found in nature, or TFD that is 100% recyclable or the Anker’s recycled carpet collection.