Vinyl and organic floorcoverings

Our company distributes the Dutch TFD’s luxury vinyl tiles which are available in remarkably wide range. Beside traditional wood-like or stone-like floorcoverings, designed and woven tiles can also be found in our product choice. The TFD factory does a remarkable recycling activity, makes decorative mosaic wallcoverings from the released, used tiles through their subsidiary, Mozenzi. This mosaic-covered surface with aluminium-oxyd layer gives a really unique look.
The Swedish Bolon revolutionized the PVC covers so the unique woven vinyl floorings became rightly famous. In our range the Bolon’s broadloom and tile products are also available.
The German Vorwerk manufactures unique organic coverings beside the carpets.  The Re/Cover Green product family is totally free of harmful materials, it is made by solely natural raw materials – castor-oil and rape-oil.