Tools and accessories

Our company excels itself not just at implementation works, but also distributes high quality tools for the installation.

You can buy tools for the flooring works, first of all we sell the products of the American Roberts and the German Janser.

During the carpet and vinyl flooring activities, there can be a demand for some kind of underlays. We distribute the remarkably high quality constructional and comfort underlays of the Dutch Estillon. These are the Smartfloor or the Finifloor that provide smooth working surface without sub-floor levelling, or from the PU produced Ecobase Carpet, Elegance Black FR and Starbase FR (etc.) with comfort increasing effects.

In case of metal profiles, our partners are also  Estillon or the English Gradus.

Some of Janser products:


Some of Roberts prodcts:

Some of Estillon products: 


Some of Gradus products: