Winding yarns and binding tapes

Our company owns a yarn-manufacturing apparate so we can produce yarns for overlocking in our workshop. We use 100% PA, 4400 Dtex recycled so-called Econyl winding yarns not just for our own works, but also for our partners. Our yarns are available in nearly 170 colours, so we can offer suitable yarns for almost every carpet. (Some colours are only available for special order, for more information please contact us.)

Beside yarn-hemming, we also do tape-bordering in a wide range of colours. In our choice 120 mm and 22 mm wide tapes can be found. The 120 mm wide tapes are available in 4 quality and in 46 colours, the 22 mm wide tapes are available in 7 quality and in total of 197 colours. Depending on the carpet’s thickness, the tape’s visible part on the carpet’s surface is 5-6 cm in the case of 120 mm wide tapes, and 0,8-1 cm in the case of 22 mm wide tapes.

You can also find some accessories for the yarn-hemming in our workshop: 16 mm wide plastic or cotton yarn underlay tapes, 800 and 850 Dner –and monophyle lines, colorful threads. We also distribute carpet winding machines, needles and needlefuls (etc.) for our partners.

Some of our carpet winding yarns:


 Range of colours:



A small selection of our carpet binding tape choice: