Stair carpeting

Since its foundation in 1985, for more than 30 years Uniket Bt. has been manufacturing different designed stair carpets. Let it be a complete stair covering, a runner carpet with stair rods or stair protecting carpet spots, our professional technicians always aim to reach the best quality in the workshop work as well as on-the-spot installation.

Our company has its own utility patent in the stair carpet manufacturing so we can provide our clients with our unique solutions. Thanks to our professional knowledge and experience acquired in the last decades there isn’t any stairway which could mean an insolveable challenge for us.

 Carpet spots:

The size of the standard stair protecting carpets is about 65 cm x 24 cm with 4 cm droop. These semi-circled stair carpets consist of yarn border, inner plastic edge protection and double-side adhesive stripe so the customer can also install those on the stairway. The standard stair carpets can be bought in our workshop in 18-piece-packages, these can be taken and carried away within 1 week following the sticking of the edge protection and the double-side adhesive.

Beside standard semi-circled stair spots we also make custom made carpets fitting to the size and form of the stairs. The latter is needed in case of stairs with turn. For making carpet spots which have an unique size we make a paper pattern on site about the involved stairs and by this, we make the stair protecting spots from the carpet that was previously chosen in our workshop. We add yarn border, inner edge protection and double-side tape to these spots similarly to the standard type so in this case it is not necessary for us to do the on site installation.


 Runner carpets with stair rods:

It is a more elegant solution if we install the carpet as a runner on the decorative wooden or stone stairs, so the fixing happens on the stairs with pricked stair rods. In some cases – keeping the running carpet effect- we stick the carpet in pieces so that we can provide a more stable design. In this case we can also use stair rods but thus they only have an aesthetic role, they do not have any holder function. Our company distributes a wide choice of stair rods, you can see some designs here.


Complete stair covering:

If we cover the whole stairway, even the less nice, old, worn stairs can also be completely aesthetically renewed. The complete carpet covering can be made with dropped skriting or skirting that follows the line of the stairs or without skirting, depending on the stairs and the demands.


Since every stairway is uniqe that is why a personal measuring is essential but for standard carpet spots. In every case we make a quotation suitable for the circumstances and the demands. Our company can also deliver carpets for covering the stairs, we are in business relation first of all with famous German carpet manufacturers. Carpets from abroad usually come on request but we can serve our customers with a limited choice and quantity from our stock.