Beside carpeting stairs, our company, Uniket Bt. also excels at flooring of rooms, corridors, public areas and other rooms. The chosen floor covering can be a carpet or PVC, our team always provides outstanding quality in every case during installations.

We are also experienced in other works preceding the flooring such as demolition of the existing floor covering, fixing and levelling the subfloor. If there is a demand, we also take a constructional or a comfort underlay beneath the floor coverings.

For the installation we are able to deliver every material, let it be the floor covering itself – carpet or luxury vinyl tile – auxiliary materials or other accessories such as skirting or floor covering profiles.

Beside our carpeting and vinyl flooring activity, we provide tools for the quality work for other professionals. As being a reseller we distribute the tools of the American Roberts and the German Janser, underlays of the Dutch Estillon and floor covering profiles of Gradus.

Some of our works: